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Ashburn Neck Manipulation Good: Tinnitus to Brain Function!

Ringing in the ears?
Stiff neck?
Imbalanced brain equilibrium function?
Poor motor function?
Worrisome neck surgery recommendation?

Cervical spine manipulation is valuable for relief of tinnitus to improved brain function! The research documentation keeps growing about the benefits of cervical spine manipulation. And Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn is well-trained to provide safe, gentle, controlled chiropractic spinal manipulation to the neck for our Ashburn patients’ good!

1 - Ringing in the ears (aka tinnitus) affects nearly 1% of all Americans. 30 to 50 million Americans report issues with ringing in the ears. A case report of a patient who reports tinnitus in both ears, headaches, blurred vision, restricted temporomandibular joint (TMJ) movements, and neck tightness was treated for 2.5 months and 10 treatments. His tinnitus totally resolved. His neck stiffness improved as did his TMJ restrictions. Normal neck motions also improved. (1) Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn treats many Ashburn neck patients with concerns like these and know we can help you!

2 - Spinal manipulation of the neck improves brain equilibrium function and motor function in patients with neck pain. Ever feel out of balance sometimes? Combined with a motor sequence learning task, cervical spine manipulation restored these neck pain patients to the cerebellar function of healthy people. (2)  Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn knows we have neck pain patients who appreciate such outcomes!

3 – Neck surgery a consideration? See Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn before surgery and even after neck surgery. Patients with herniated discs in the neck with radiculopathy (arm pain, numbness, tingling) want to consider treatment before surgery. If surgery is chosen, research shows that getting treatment after surgery produces significantly greater improvement in neck pain. (3) Consult Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn before and/or after Ashburn neck surgery.

4 - As Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn proudly offers Cox Technic as the preferred form of spinal manipulation in this chiropractic practice, the federally funded biomechanics study of its effect on the disc pressures in the neck shows that it reduces intradiscal pressures! (4) Since increased pressure causes neck pain and even arm pain, this reduction is most important. Ashburn chiropractic care in the form of Cox Technic at Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn is effective.

So contact Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn if you have a stiff neck or neck pain or arm pain or any of these neck-related conditions. Relief may be a phone call away!

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