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Ashburn Chiropractic Newsletter from Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn for December 2016

Chiropractic Cares for Spine Pain

What makes you come to the chiropractic office? The spine, spine pain or spine related pain. Chiropractors play a well-recognized role as spine care providers in the greater health care system. Insurance, regulatory, and educational bodies reimburse, regulate, and produce graduates focused on spine care from examination and diagnosis to treatment. (1) Society sees chiropractic as spine care professionals often more clearly than does chiropractic itself (2) though your Ashburn chiropractor knows spine care is the forte of clinical practice at Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn! Once the spine pain issue is calmed, we work with you on issues of health and well-being.


Chondroitin and Glucosamine Sulfate

Benefits for Cartilage and Cancer Risk Reduction

Glucosamine (GS) and chondroitin sulfate (CS) are common supplement recommendations and for good reason. CS is a natural glycosaminoglycan found in the cartilage and extracellular matrix. It shows clinical benefits in symptomatic osteoarthritis of the finger, knee, hip joints, low back, facial joints and other diseases due to its anti-inflammatory activity. (3) Recent studies suggest that use of GS and CS may be associated with reduced risk of colorectal cancer by 45% in users who take them 4 or more days a week for three years or more. (4,5) A high 10-years use of glucosamine reportedly reduces lung cancer risk. (6) Amazing information for these common supplements that initially came out just to help cartilage and disc! Let’s talk about glucosamine and chondroitin and the supplements available at your next Ashburn chiropractic appointment! Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn is up on the highest quality nutritional supplements available.


Oh, Those High Heels Look So Fine!

They are a fashion statement, yes, especially this time of year! Wearing them increases the flexion of knees and ankles and even affects the curve of the neck since the body’s center of gravity is off! High heel wearers tend to report neck pain, low back pain and knee pain when they wear high heels a lot. (7) Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn appreciates the beauty of these shoes but also wants to forewarn our Ashburn females of their difficulties…and invite you to see Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn when they bother your spine! Our Cox Technic spinal manipulation is gentle and relieving!

Vitamins B and D Are Important as We Age

Vitamins B and D influence diseases that often come with aging. Low levels of Vitamin D may be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease. (8) Taking NSAIDS for low back pain often cause adverse effects which can be counteracted by adding B-group vitamins - artrozan (meloxicam) and cyanocobalamine (B-group vitamin complex - to the treatment plan. (9) B-vitamins are garnering much interest from researchers. Low levels of folate and related B-vitamins (and/or high levels of homocysteine) point to higher levels of degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, and osteoporosis. The good news is if B vitamins are supplemented, they seem to have a preventative effect. (10) That’s what Ashburn chiropractic care is all about at Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn – prevention whenever possible! We can help set up a nutrition plan just for you.

Poulin Chiropractic of Herndon and Ashburn wishes you the happiest of holidays and the best of health in 2017!

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